Traveling for real

The task of the pioneer is to lead, to show what is possible. Something the rest of us might be able to recreate by following the trace. The time of discovery though is far from over.

New contexts shall be conquered and experienced to be understood. The closer we are to nature, the bigger are our abilities to understand its greatness.

K E B N E K A I ® is founded upon the early ideas regarding nature experiences and the joy of discovery in our outdoor history. The optimism of today, still out there, needs again to be captured. This optimism has imprinted the brand’s design where practicality and utility value, has been an operating force with focus on the raw material. We want our friends to share this quest. The love of nature and good fellowship where we try to combine the best from the past into modern time.

We like no fossil based material or plastic that isn’t biodegradable. We rather get wet if that’s the price we have to pay. Very seldom we do get wet. Our organic material does the job. Let’s not get over dressed at a silly price for all of us. We are in this together.

We welcome you to follow our products as they grow on this web page.

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